"Master The Craft Of Rug Washing, And Get Cutting-Edge Marketing That Creates New Business."

Newbie... Or Seasoned Pro? A Textile Pro Foundation Membership Helps You Succeed As A Rug Cleaner In TWO Ways:



  • Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced cleaner, these advanced / intermediate courses will teach you the craft of true immersion rug-washing.
    1. Rug Secrets (Beginner)
    2. Foundation Rug Cleaning (Intermediate)
    3. Practical Rug ID For Cleaners



  • Marketing and Sales strategies to grow your business fast.
  • Timely business resources.
  • Flowcharts, example documents, systems, and protocols.
  • Resources you can really use to grow your rug cleaning business.

-Your Massive Shortcut-

What Is The Textile Pro Foundation Membership?:
  • On-Demand Technical Rug Cleaning Education

    Beginning to advanced/Intermediate courses covering the working principles of:

    1. Rug Secrets (Beginner level)
    2. Foundation Rug Cleaning (Intermediate level)
    3. Practical Rug ID For Cleaners (Intermediate level)

    Perfect for educating you, or your team. Gives you a working knowledge of how to safely and effectively, wash rugs.

  • Rug Videos For Your Website

    • Gets you educated customers that are willing to pay more.
    • Fills your site with the exact content your customers are looking for.
    • Keeps your customers on your site longer.
    • Gives you many effective marketing options other cleaners don't have.
    • Dramatically improves your SEO results

  • Rug Cleaning Sales System

    Gets your customers to buy more WITHOUT high-pressure or pushy sales tactics.

    This is the same easy-to-use process, that has made many of the largest and most successful rug cleaners up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of increased bottom-line profit.

    Simple to implement. Allows you to make more money, and increase employee pay.

  • Ongoing Business Growth Guidance

    • Checklists
    • Documents
    • Flowcharts
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Timely information

  • Save On MasterClass-Level Courses (Coming Soon)

    As a Textile Pro Foundation member, you're eligible to purchase advanced training available ONLY to Textile Pro members, and at a massive discount too!

    • Color correction and dye stabilization while washing.
    • Salt-water washing for dye stabilization

"A massive shortcut for you and your team to create rug cleaning success for your company."


from some fellow rug cleaners.

"Any serious rug cleaner will benefit greatly from a Textile Pro membership."

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson

Premier Cleaning Systems
Tampa, FL

"...just on the information I learned, I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Jarred Lustgarten

Jarred Lustgarten

JL Carpet and Upholstery
New York City

"This is one of the best purchases I have made for advertising!"

Russ Teskey

russ teskey

The Stain Expert
Peterborough, ON

"Thanks again for helping our company take area and designer rug cleaning to the next level."

Ken Rogers

Ken rogers

Beacon Carpet Cleaning
Laguna Niguel, CA

"I refer to it regularly on the wash floor."

Scott and Miranda Gwilliam

scott and miranda and lisa

Rug Worx
Phoenix, AZ

Your Foundation Membership Has Three Main Areas:
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Foundation Training

Core rug cleaning training for Textile Pro Network members.

This is where you'll educate yourself, and your team. Get a solid principle-based foundation for advanced/intermediate rug cleaning.

  • Rug Secrets Beginner Course

    10-module multi-media beginners course on immersion rug washing

  • Foundation Rug Cleaning Course

    10-module multi-media course on immersion rug washing

  • Practical Rug ID For Cleaners

    10-module multi-media course covering rug ID and construction


RugVideo Marketing Tools

Tools to create a steady flow of new customers for your rug cleaning business.

Get new rug cleaning customers using hyper-effective video marketing strategies

  • RugVideos For Your Website

    14 videos for your website, created from Google search data for relevance

  • Best Practices Training Section

    Detailed multi-media training on how to get the most out of your RugVideos

Video Viewers Are 70% MORE Likely To Buy

70% more likely to buytransparent
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Business Resources

Useful items that will save you time and money.

Information, templates, and strategies you'll really use.

  • Simple Sales Process

    Makes larger companies hundreds of thousands... what will it do for you?

  • Marketing Strategies Working Now
  • Website Best Practices
  • Much More (Updated regularly)
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A message from Lisa Wagner:


"In this new cleaning industry environment, everyone will need every advantage they can get to help their business succeed.

Though nothing is as impactful as a full in-person, hands on educational experience, the Foundation Membership brings a level of technical content and rug business growth tools that have never been available to our industry in one place until now.

This membership is normally priced at $179 a month.

, I want to make these resources available and affordable to anyone who needs the help now.

If you need the support for you are your team to help build up your company’s rug cleaning skills and sales, my offer to you is this:

A membership rate of $97 a month, and your first month is free.

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Normally $179 Per Month

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