Technical Rug Cleaning And Marketing
Grow Your Volume and Profits In 2020


- Advanced Education for Rug Cleaners -

Saturday Sept. 12, 2020 • Las Vegas, Nevada

Immediately After The Experience Convention

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Focus on the most important piece of your rug cleaning company:


  • One-day business growth workshop for rug cleaners.

  • Proven marketing techniques in use right now.

  • Attract high-value new customers, on demand.

  • Get RELIABLE rug cleaning JOB FLOW at whatever level you want.

Many of the best rug cleaners in the world, still struggle with the money side.

Both start-ups and long-term rug plants struggle with the same challenge:

How to get more customers, larger jobs, and more cash in the bank.

This workshop is focused on creating clarity, confidence, and control over the cash creation of your rug cleaning company.

Here's What You Get:

Rug Sales System

The system that has quickly sky-rocketed profits at the most successful rug cleaning companies today.

Discover a friendly way for your employees to easily make sales, without being a pushy jerk.

Rug Marketing Blueprint

The step-by-step blueprint on developing a solid stream of high quality prospects and ever-growing job flow.

Discover how to find your ideal customers and get them to book without any huge discount offers.

Rug Client Compounder

A stealth strategy for getting designers and retailers to enthusiastically refer your company.

Lisa's 'secret weapon' when it comes to getting referrals and you won't have to door-knock either!

These business tools let you grow, if that's your thing...

If you'd like to upgrade your shop with some shiny, high-end rug machinery, that extra cash flow will come in handy.

- Bonus Technical Topic -

Woolsafe Technical Research Topic:

Dyes De-Mystified

Understand why dyes bleed, what stabilizers and mordants actually do, how reducers/oxidizers impact the wool, and the best choices for rug problems you are trying to correct.

Understand what high alkalinity, from pet urine or bad product choice, is really doing to wool dyes, and what you can and cannot do in these situations.







  • Discover a system that sifts through hundreds of potential customers, 24/7, to bring in a steady stream of the highest-value rug customers to your company.

  • It puts your potential customers through a process that builds their trust in you, and leads to more and more sales, automatically... without the pushy sales games.

  • Discover how to turn this steady stream of customers, into a steady stream of cash for your rug cleaning business.

  • What if you could turn this system on and have it operate flawlessly, with only a little maintenance now and then, and grow your business to a level that you never thought was possible?



  • This workshop is for all sized rug facilities who want to build strong sales and revenue growth in 2020.

  • Start-up companies that want to quickly reach profitability.

  • Established companies that are looking to break new ground with growth and profits.

  • If is for rug cleaners who want their business growth skills to be as strong as their rug cleaning skills.

Grow your rug cleaning business, whenever you want.



Paris Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada


Saturday, Sept. 12 2020
8:30 PM - 4:30 PM

The Day After The Experience Convention in the same hotel.

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Members of Textile Pro, WoolSafe, and ARCS, are eligible for member pricing.

Rug Revenue Workshop (Non-Member)

$345 (Or 3 Pmts. of $115)
  • Rug Sales System
  • Rug Marketing Blueprint
  • Rug Client Compounder
  • Advanced Dye Session

Rug Revenue Workshop Member Pricing

$297 (Or 3 Pmts. of $99)
  • Rug Sales System
  • Rug Marketing Blueprint
  • Rug Client Compounder
  • Advanced Dye Session